Photo: Lars Bruun


We are a danish family, who took a chance and moved to Norway in August 2004, because of Lars`s profession.
Now we have chosen to stay in Norway for good!
Susanne has allways had dogs around her since she was a child, and always Labradors retrievers. 
She paticipated in different obedience competitions and trials in Denmark.
Therfore there was no doubt, that our next dog should be a retriever again,
because of the well knowed family and working characteristics .
 We decided to try goldens this time.

Hjelteryggens Tee " Melody" born August 27th 2004, is from Mrs. Hilde Killingstad, Kennel Hjelteryggens in Norway.
"Melody"  quickly made her debut at Shows, and " The Game " was sold !
What a form of sport..........., we simply love all about it!


   Photo: Robert Terjesen


Susanne wa taken by the " Golden Rush " and we have since then extened our team from Av Vervik, Kavillfa`s in Norway, Dewmist and Goldenlines in Sweden, because it became a serious acquaintance with the breed and the start of our Kennel A Golden 4 U.

Kavillfa`s The Chocolate Soldier " Lucky" born March 27th 2006, is from Kennel Kavillfa`s in Norway.
 Thank you to Mrs & Mr. Sæthre for once in a lifetime dog. 
"Lucky" is an amacing dog, who has everything a Golden must have and then some.

" Lucky " quickly took his title and became N UCH, Norwegian Show Champion, only 2 years old.

In his young age he now have 3 championstitles, and therefore also NORD UCH, Nordic Show Champion, he`s the 1st Nordic Show Champion from Norway for many many years, KBH-11 Winner, 3 CACIB, 8 BOB-Winners, BIG-Winner, and BEST IN SHOW WINNER.

This is acheived on only 15 shows and 5 years old. I`m so proud of him !


   Photo: Vagn Donskov


In the beginning of 2008 Kavillfa`s Christian Dior " Bossen"  joined the family.
"Bossen" is born November 11th 2007, and is also from Kennel Kavillfa`s in Norway.
" Bossen" is now ready for his Norwegian Championstitle at the age of 2 years!

   Photo: Susanne Dahl


In Autumn 2008 Goldenlines Tennessee Waltz " Lady " joined the family from Kennel Goldenlines in Sweden.
Thank you to Mrs. and Mr. Rosenqvist for my little princess.
" Lady " is now ready for her Norwegian Championstitle at the age of 2 years !!

   Photo: Goldenlines, Sverige


Easter 2010 Ismagic 4 U Av Vervik " Bella " joined the family. "Bella" is born 31 January 2010 and from Kennel Av Vervik in Norway. Thank`s to Anne-Margrethe Bjørvik for my beautiful " Bella ".

" Bella " died very sudden on 27.07.2011, only 1 1/2 years old. 

To my beautiful " Bella ", you were an amacing friend, and I will keep you in my heart forever. We will always renember you with love and pride, Thank you " Bella " for an unforgetable time together, you gave us great pleasure.

Rest in peace my beautiful "brain & beauty" girl.



August 2011 Dewmist Hope Of Essence " Hope " born 29.05.2011 from Kennel Dewmist in Sweden.

What a wonderful little girl, someone like her, you have to wait for, for a long time !! I have high expectations for her.

Thank`s to her breeder Mr. Henric Fryckstrand for my beautiful " Hope ". We will make you proud of us.



September 2011 our newest arrival joined the team You Rock My World Av Vervik " Rocky " born 27.07.2011 from Kennel Av Vervik.

" Rocky " is co-owned with his breeder Mrs. Anne-Margrethe Bjørvik, Kennel Av Vervik.
Thank`s to Anne-Margrethe for entrust " Rocky " with us at kennel A Golden 4 U.



Let me introduce our prinsess and newest team member, N UCH NV-11 Isprinsessen Av Vervik " Nini".

She is co-owned with her breeder Mrs. Anne-Margrethe Bjørvik, Kennel Av Vervik.

My heartfelt thank`s to Anne-Margrethe for this fantastic opportunity.
I`m looking forward to the continue with this amacing prinsess, who is very special for us !



Susanne is active with all our dogs in obedience, field work, and show trenings every week, 
and we stimulate our dogs both mental and physical every day all year round.
Our dogs are with us at all times, and gives us great joy in life, and are dear members of our family
and therefore ofcourse they live inside the house with us.

It`s crucial to us, that we strive to breed healty, loving and  loyal family dogs with super temperaments.
Through our experience we will continously try to develop and strengthen the breeding of Golden Retriever.

Susanne has been a member of the Show Committee in Norwegian Retriever Club,
Rogaland, as cashier, and co-instructor in show-technique curses.
Today member of the Show Committee in Norwegian Retriever Club Kristiansand and co-instructor in show curses.

We are members of the Golden Retriever Club (UK), Norwegian Kennel Club, Danish Kennel Club and Norwegian Retriever Club.

In the sommer of 2008 we serious started with breeding.

Thank you to all who has offered us their competent assistance for making this possible.
Thank you to Mr. Robert Terjersen, my personal coach, without you we woulden`t have come so far in such a short time.
Last but not least, thank you from the bottom of my heart to my beloved husband, thank you for making a dream come true !

During the years we have meet a lot of wonderful friends, domestic as well as foregin.
Our doors is always open for all our friends.

 Welcome to A Golden 4 U 


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